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Hope Renewed Youth Conference, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation that operates in the state
of Illinois. 


Hope Renewed Youth Conference Project was an annual 3-day fun filled educational event for youth ages 11-18 that took place in the month of
June in Peoria, IL. The conference workshops offers teens the opportunity
to learn leadership skills and to reflect
on the experience to learn more about themselves. Local professionals conduct the workshops covering a range of topics from peer pressure, teen dating, financial literacy, gang violence, to college preparation.

However, The HRYC board of directors met for our annual meeting and made the tough decision to change the direction and the focus of Hope Renewed Youth conference, Inc. After providing over 18 scholarships in the last nine years during our annual conference, we came to the realization that most of our recipients do not come back to Peoria after graduation.  We refuse to stand by as we lose much of our young talent to other cities. To that end, our focus will now be on raising dollars to provide scholarships to grow our OWN teachers and law enforcement officers.



Peoria Public Schools has a 65-70% brown and black student population, however the teaching staff of color is fewer than 10%.   The police department is also in need of more diversity in its department.  Our goal is to partner with Peoria Public Schools, Peoria Police Department, Peoria Promise, Tri-County Urban League, and Illinois Central College to identify and support students up to 4 years of secondary education.


In return for our financial support, the students will be required to return to Peoria and work one year for every year of financial assistance in the Peoria Public School or Peoria Police Department.


The November 2016 report from 24/7 Wall St. has identified Peoria, as the worst city for Black American’s was another motivation that led HRYC Board of Director’s to move toward growing our own teachers and law enforcement officers. We will provide financial assistance, guidance, mentoring and tutoring if needed.

We thank you for the past twelve years of support and hope that you will continue supporting our efforts to EQUIP, EMPOWER, and ENCOURAGE the young people in the Peoria community.



Meet Sherry Cannon, President and Founder of Hope Renewed Youth Conference (January 2005-Present), she is dedicated to supporting children and youth programs, community needs and continued progress.



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